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Creating Space


In today’s world we are constantly overwhelmed with information and stimulation. From all directions we are told how to think and what to do. Somewhere out there somebody has a plan or a strategy for every possible problem you could ever imagine. There are people telling you how and what you should eat, how you should work, how you should relax and how you should communicate with the people close to you. Even how you should have sex. Especially concerning relationships there is a myriad of suggestions out there: Ask the right questions. Try this way of communicating – or the other. Don’t do this. Try doing that… Most of which is ignoring and even contributing to one basic problem which is rooted in the very paradigm of how we see the world and approach life:

We are conditioned to crave a result in everything we do. We don’t value the act itself (no pun intended). Thus we don’t value communication itself – instead we are yearning for its result, with our mind already far ahead in the future. An improvement in our relationship, more trust, more love. More of something at the very least. We forget that taking action can be a means in and of itself. We forget that communication itself is the purpose. It is to be savoured and enjoyed. Every moment of it. Such precious moments – if we manage to become present.

My invitation is to find out what happens if we stop pursuing. If we start listening. If we accpet what is. If we stop running and look around, take it in:

  • What would happen to the quality of our communication if we would create that sacred space of non-expectation, of non-action, of non-judgement. Wouldn’t it be exciting to find out?
  • What would happen if we’d forget about achieving a certain result – just for a moment? Or for a few moments. Or for many moments?
  • What would it take for you to explore this space in your own life? What would change if you did? How would it feel?
  • How would you feel?

Have an amazing day.