Ean Weichselbaum


Stop Set Relax

Audio Version

Today I want to introduce you to a technique I use to find solutions and ideas when under pressure. Do you know times when you are stuck with a problem or situation you are trying to (re)solve and no ideas are showing up? Nothing is happening. You strain and try, maybe you even have a deadline ahead of you. Still nothing. Arghh! Want to have a very potent strategy which takes you out of tension and blockage into a space of lightness and creativity during the blink of an eye while being astonishingly reliable? (The initial process takes about 15 minutes – as you practice you will get much quicker and be able to make the switch in a matter of minutes when you need to). Sounds good? Get on board then!

Four simple steps:

  1. Stop whatever you are doing. Change. Seperate. If you are sitting, get up! If you are standing – go somewhere else. Move! Walk! Stretch! Move your body. Do something different. Take 2-3 minutes for this. When done with this you should feel different than before.
  2. Set your intention. Sit down or find a comfortable and safe position. Take a deep breath. Close your eyes and look up (I have found this to increase the effect of visualization). Visualize your outcome as if already met. You finished your work. Your project is completed. You have met the deadline. Your problem has resolved in the best possible way. How do you know that your solution is met in the most optimal way? Visualize that! Go for anything: visuals, feelings, sounds or something you or someone else says. Something you smell, touch, taste. Anything that lets you know for sure that you have succeeded. Clarity is power. (For example you are in the office on a Saturday evening and have something to finish. It is already late and you are tired. You feel like your weekend might suffer, yet you feel stuck. A goal visualization could be that you are driving home in your car with an open window, feeling the fresh air and smiling because you have succeeded in finishing your project in time. You look at your watch and the evening is still young. You hear your car’s engine humming relaxingly and victoriously. You say to yourself: “Yepp. That’s how it’s done.”) For even more effect <use the Bagha>. Take about 2-3 minutes maximum. Make it succinct and focused. Practice makes perfect.
  3. Relax. Pat yourself on the shoulder. Go for a little walk, pick up something to play with (like a small ball, a pen). Sit down and breathe. Take a few conscious breaths. Just relax and forget about your problem. Yes, I know you want to solve this. This is counter-intuitive. Ideas and solutions come best to a relaxed and open mind. The more relaxed you are the more your mind opens up and the more your mind opens up the more relaxed you become. Find out for yourself…
    You cannot force ideas to come to you. It’s like dealing with cats. You need to give them room to breathe. Give yourself at least 9 minutes for this. No straining in these 9 minutes. No working. No excessive thinking. Relaxed musing and playing is allowed yet it is best to let go of the problem as good as you can. You can listne to some music if you want, and if this helps you to relax. Find something else to occupy your attention with. Let go of even the want to solve the problem at all. Use your body. Feel your body. Get immersed in something relaxing and fun, something simple. Remember back in school when you used to doodle on a piece of paper or when you played with your pen? Forget your problem. Forget yourself. Be empty and open.

99 out of 100 times this works for me (seriously it’s that amazing). Keep refining and practicing the steps and you will find yourself getting more and more creative and productive each time you go through your process and open that space for amazing ideas to show up. You will also notice yourself becoming more effective and efficient as you use this often so making a powerful switch to this creative space takes only a few minutes and gets more and more reliable with each time you do it. Have a great day full of inspiration!


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