Ean Weichselbaum


The Power Of Silence


Words are amazing. They are very useful for expressing ourselves, describing the world and connecting with others. The right words at the right moment can be magical. Words like: “I love you”, “I’m sorry”, “Thank you”… Talking at the wrong time though can be distracting, exhausting and completely unnecessary. We need to remember that words are not actual experience. They are merely a tool for describing reality. Words have the ability to distract us from actually experiencing live for ourself, from what is unfolding right before us. Using words at the wrong time can destroy a magical moment. Because when we focus on words we are not really with what is happening. Our attention is diverted and we are more in our head than in the world. Remember that there is a difference between the word tree and an actual tree. It is a subtle distinction, but ever so important to understand. If you talk about a tree, think about it, imagine it…it does not ever come close to the experience of actually touching a tree, smelling a tree, listening to the tree moving and shaking in the wind. Leaning against a tree, feeling it support you. One is a thought – the other a real, tangible experience. One is theory, the other reality.

Often incessant talking is a strategy to avoid the present. To avoid a moment’s intensity and beauty, depth or unpredictability, uncertainty. We are afraid to live fully, to feel intensely, to be vulnerable and open like a child. To be touched. We are hesitant to trust in life.

With silence we can dive into the depths of a moment. Especially when it is hard for us to do, when a million things are racing through our head. It is in these precious moments that it is best to be silent and to return to witnessing ourself and our surroundings. When we feel an unhealthy need to prepare for the future, to analyze the past then we are invited to realize the perfection and simplicity of what is. Without having to change anything about it. When we just breathe and let it go we can relax. We can open our eyes, ears and heart. We can look with soft eyes, listen effortlessly with relaxed  ears and sense expansively with a wide and open heart. Especially in moments where we feel a strong need to talk it is best to refrain from it, best to listen to the sounds of life, listen to our emotions, listen to nature or to the person right in front of us. Listen to that person who we would like to flood with words. We search and we find… silence.

How beautiful: a moment with yourself, with nature, with a truly loveable person. Not thinking or planning or acting. How beautiful. A moment together with someone you trust. Just looking, smiling, being together. How beautiful… a moment together with your lover: looking deeply into each other’s eyes, touching, holding, kissing, witnessing each other. Appreciating in silence. As we explore this dimension of silence in our life we grow increasingly rich inside. Very peaceful and pleasant feelings can arise from within and take us deeper into the present. We pause and inhale. Then we exhale and it is all the same. Harmony.


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