Ean Weichselbaum




Have priorities. What are your priorities? What is your top priority right now? This very moment! Why is it your top priority? Why are you reading this? Does this have priority right now? If not go ahead and do whatever has priority right now and come back later.


Clear priorities focus our energy. Without a priority and a strong decision to stick to that priority we can have all the energy and enthusiasm imaginable but our impact in the world  will be dilluted, fractionated and weak. Like a blunt spear – not able to penetrate to the core of the issue we are facing. We will be blown around like a leaf in the wind, without control. While sometimes this can be a fun experience there is a time and a place for everything. I here and now invite you to explore and deepen this quality of your focus and clarity in your life – of prioritizing with the right reasons in mind and heart…and then sticking to it. Even if it may at times be uncomfortable for others or for yourself. Being comfortable with being uncomfortable is the price we have to pay for success and at the same time its reward.

Practical tips:

  • When you set aside focus time to work on a certain task or project – allow not for distractions. Tell people very clearly. Then make it hard for them to interrupt you. Turn off your phone. Turn off Wi-Fi. Put up a boundary. Even for people close to you. A time where you are not available for other projects, conversation or banter. If somebody tries to interrupt you – do not allow it. Return your focus to your activity immediately. Make a strong decision. You will notice an increase in your focus and concentration, higher levels of productivity and then, afterwards, a higher quality of time spent with those close to you.
  • Write (on a piece of paper) WHY you want something. This will help you prioritize. Keep asking: Why do I want this? What does this really give me?
  • If you are not following your own schedule then you are probably following somebody else’s – without even being aware of it. Create your own schedule and take time to think about what is really important to you in your life. Then prioritize your activities accordingly.
  • Determine one “most important thing” every day. Get it done. Observe your experience while doing this. What an amazing little exercise!
  • Make self-development and investing in yourself a priority. Other people might not take it or this aspect of you seriously. They will – once you do…and once you communicate it clearly. Invest quality time in yourself while feeling good about it. It’s your decision.

What is your #1 priority for today? If you are really really honest with yourself. With that in mind – have an amazing day!


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