Ean Weichselbaum


Take the first step NOW (Decisions)

step.jpgRecently I thought about how more than a month ago I had been to an Anthony Robbins seminar where on one day his co-speaker told us that Tony has a great saying: “Never leave the place of a decision without taking action first.” Think about it. I find it to be amazing.
Immediately taking action…

  • communicates to your subconscious that you’re serious
  • builds momentum
  • feels great – it’s an instant success
  • is a first step towards your goal
  • in the case of changing habits and behaviours -> uses the new neuronal pathway of the habit/behaviour you want to adopt
  • makes it easier to take the second step!

Today I was quicky making my way to get to an event. I had bought some food on the way and was eating while I was walking.. Recently, I noticed, I had not been properly taking time to eat for a few times. I mean I do eat pretty high quality and healthy food, in my opinion – but often I would not take enough time to have a break, relax, and really take time to eat. I am aware that this is important. So while I was walking and while I was eating I was also thinking about how the way I was eating – even at that very moment, was becoming a negative pattern in my life. I could feel in my body that he wasn’t appreciating this. Very clearly I could feel that. A body signal. So I made a decision. “I will take time to eat and relax and take proper care of my body!”

I was still walking and eating. I felt a discrepancy.
Okay! I decided to implement immediately. I looked for a nice spot – next to the sidewalk. Between two bushes. A ray of sunlight illuminated that spot. I arrived. I stood. Felt my legs touching the ground. I took a deep breath. Felt my body. Smiled. Then I enjoyed what was left of my food with tranquilty. Savoring the food. Amazing…
Then I rewarded myself and celebrated!

Next time you make a decision – implement immediately. No matter how small the step you are taking – it is a step in the direction you are heading and it is ever so significant and important. Have an amazing day!


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