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A simple tool for finding clarity for what it is exactly that you want. Finding your why’s, your real motivation and then taking concrete steps for making it happen. I learned it from Anthony Robbins. This is amazing for getting moving and making stuff happen. Use it often and you will find that it gets easier and more effective the more you do it.

So you’ve come here to get results. You’ve come to the right place. Set a strong and clear intention to reach your outcome. Follow the very effective process. Trust in the process. Release attachment to your goal. Enjoy the work. Success.

What’s RPM?

  • Result.
  • Purpose.
  • Massive Action.

Imagine for a moment a time in the future where the outcome you are currently seeking is reached. Whatever you had wished to happen has happened, in the best possible way for you and others. Imagine. Details. Clearly. That’s where we’re going.

Get a journal or a piece of paper and a pen or open a seperate text editor. Only read on if you are really serious about that result you’re after. Go through the process diligently but quickly. Keep moving. Have fun with it!


Notice how you feel about your outcome right now. 

  • Step 1: RESULT

Do the following in writing: Get clear on the exact result that you desire. Imagine it with detail and clarity. How will it look when you have achieved what you want? How will it sound and feel? What are the exact properties of having achieved your goal? What aspects are most relevant? How will you know that you have really achieved it? Write it down.

Finished? Well done!

  • Step 2: PURPOSE

Ask yourself: Why do i want this? Why is this goal a must and not just a should-goal? Go for emotionally moving reasons. Where you actually feel something. What’s motivating you deep down? What’s ticking beneath those logical reasons why? What has a strongest emotional component? Where can you feel your juices running, heat rising? What makes you feel disgusted with how things are and elated when you picture your vision? What details can you see clearly that motivate you the strongest? What words really move you when you say or think them? Find your emotional reasons why. Find your leverage. Write it down.


What concrete steps could you now take to move in the direction of your goal? What small, concrete step could you take right now? Write down at least five small or bigger, concrete, well-defined effective steps. This is your action plan. Write down more if you want, but at least five. One of them an action that you can do right now at the end of this exercise.

Done? Great job!
Notice how you feel about your outcome now.
What has changed?

Now take that one little action that moves you closer to your goal immediately in order to set things in motion. No matter how small.

Yes? Then…CELEBRATE!!!

(See my blog post on
The Value Of Celebration to find out why regularily celebrating your victories could make you happier and more successful today, see here how simple RPM can be applied by an example from my life. It is a tool for small goals as well as big ones!)


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