Ean Weichselbaum



0a68996b1a3a6225f9305c4d15c6f1ccLast sunday I went to an indian restaurant with a few friends. The waiter there was really sweet and attentive. You could feel that he was caring. We were talking to him and he told us about how he and his wife had seperated and that he now is working long hours at the restaurant. Also without a woman present in his home he had started smoking, he said compunctiously. I could feel that he was putting a lot of effort and love into making us feel comfortable in the restaurant.

As we paid there was an opportunity and I told him that I really appreciate what he is doing. That without him we would not have had such a warm place to eat lunch and we would not have felt this welcome and cared for and that he is doing a great job. I showed him that we appreciated him and let him feel that his contribution really was an amazing addition to our day. An experience not possible without him being there and being as committed as he was. As he heard this he started to light up. I could see that communicating this made him feel really appreciated and useful. He could feel that what he was doing had meaning for others. It was so beautiful to see this. So beautiful and so simple to do at the same time. Just a few words and a smile. It was all there, laid out in front of me. I just had to muster the courage and share my feelings.

I think often we are afraid of sharing our love and appreciation. We mustn’t be. Because our love beautifully affects those around us and ourselves in the most miraculous ways. Loving and appreciating people is a healing act for both sides. It’s easy. You can’t love and appreciate the people that currently are and those that are coming into your life too much. There’s no overdoing love and kindness, appreciation and gratitude. The only possible side effect is even more love, fulfillment and joy in your life and in the lives of the people you touch. I suggest you go and make a difference in somebody’s life today – it’s so simple and enjoyable. It might not be easy – but it’s totally worth it.


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